Sagitarius Consulting and Sagitarius Accounting are represented by its two partners Mrs. Iuliana Gabriela Pirvu having an Economic University Degree, Chartered Accountant, Auditor and Fiscal Consultant and Mr. Mihail Baranescu having an Economic University Degree, Chartered Accountant. Both associates have considerable experience in the field of accounting, Mrs. Iuliana Gabriela Pirvu since 1999 and Mr. Mihail Baranescu since 1982.

The companies are accredited by CECCAR and their portfolio consists of a variety of companies from the medical field, IT field, to restaurant field. The companies provide clients with professional accounting, auditing, tax and a variety of consulting services.

The list of clients includes companies with head offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Italy, companies that are active in production, distribution filed and services.

Sagitarius Consulting and Sagitarius Accounting success is owed not only to it’s partners but also to the exceptional team that they have surrounded themselves with.

Whatever your needs, we can help. Our priority is serving our clients business interests with services delivered at the highest level of professionalism. We focus on understanding the business environment of the client.

At Sagitarius Consulting and Sagitarius Accounting, clients know that they receive individual attention from the partners and the team. Our business is based on professionalism, confidentiality, and flexibility. Our dynamic and forward-thinking team represents also an added value.

Our secret is constant communication with the client, knowledge, and involvement in his work to provide the best solutions.

Both companies are accredited by

C.E.C.C.A.R. Bucharest

Iuliana Gabriela Pirvu

Managing Partner | Auditor and Chartered Accountant


Mihail Baranescu

Managing Partner | Chartered Accountant



  • Perform and maintain computerised accounting records, in full compliance with the requirements of the accounting policies of the companies and in compliance with the Romanian Accounting Standards;
  • Maintain sales and purchase ledger accounts, calculating VAT payment / recovery (if applicable);
  • Record bank payments and receipts and match them with invoices, where appropriate;
  • Record all fixed assets acquisitions and disposals, maintain fixed assets register, compute depreciation and profits / losses on disposal, record adjustments arising from the physical inventory;
  • Computation of taxes and contributions due by companies and individuals, and preparation of tax returns required by the Romanian legislation;
  • Record all employee expense claims and settlements;
  • Record all other petty cash transactions;
  • Record payroll expenses;
  • Record accruals, prepayments, interests etc.;
  • Calculate and record of interest on loan agreements;
  • Calculate and record foreign exchange differences.

  • Computation of taxes and contributions due by companies and individuals;
  • Preparation of tax returns (if applicable) required by the Romanian legislation;
  • Filing the tax returns with the relevant authorities;
  • Timely preparation of estimated tax payments.

  • Preparation of VAT ledgers (sales/purchases);
  • Preparation of VAT declarations, as follows:
    • VAT return (300 statement);
    • EC Sales and Purchases List (390 statement);
    • Local Sales and Purchases List. (394 statement)
  • Filing the tax returns with the relevant authorities;
  • Timely preparation of estimated VAT tax payments.

  • Amount of non-deductible expenses;
  • Amount of non-taxable revenues;
  • Computation of the CIT liability for each quarter as well as for the year-end;
  • Submitting the CIT return on a quarterly (Statement 100) and yearly basis (Statement 101) to the tax authorities;
  • Routine correspondence with local regulatory authorities related to questions on factual matters post submission of the returns.

  • Assistance regarding the annual statutory Financial Statements (Romanian version);
  • Assistance regarding the mid-year statutory Financial Statements (Romanian version) (if aplicable);
  • Assistance regarding the interimary statutory Financial Statements (Romanian version) for the repartion of dividends early;

  • Monthly report with codes provided by client.

  • Verification and following up the duration of work agreements/additional act for work agreements;
  • Verification of employees files;
  • Preparation and transmission in Revisal;
  • Relation with chamber of work (ITM);
  • Preparation of work agreements, additional act for work agreements, termination decisions;
  • Preparation and transmission of payroll statements based on the timesheets received;
  • Filling in and submission of the monthly tax statement regarding the salary taxes (Statement 112) and preparing payment orders related for salaries tax payments (Income tax, contributions to social security, social health security);
  • Drafting various certificates requested by employees.

  • Assistance during VAT reimbursement processes (if aplicable);
  • Assistance during tax audits performed by the Romanian authorities.

  • Preparing/Submitting the documents for obtaining the VAT Code for all type of transactions, including the intracommunity transactions;
  • Obtaining the Certificate for the Tax paid in Romania by foreign natural or legal persons.
  • Preparing and submitting the file for the registration for VAT purposes;
  • Preparing file for financial and / or operational leasing;
  • Preparing file for bank credits;
  • Debt rescheduling to the State Budget and the Social Insurance Budget;
  • Obtaining the Tax Certificate from the Tax Office;
  • Obtaining the Fiscal Residence Certificate from the Tax Office;
  • Obtaining the Certificate for the Tax paid in Romania by foreign natural or legal persons.
  • Submitting of files of recover-ability of amounts of money from Health Institution related to medical leaves, supported initially by employers at Health house.

  • Preparation of Nota de Intrare Receptie (NIR)=GRN (Goods received Note)-has information relating to what has been received, how much and when;
  • Discharge of management based on detailed reports generated from the Checkout / Order Management Software;
  • Documents for inventory.

  • This would mean that all documents/letters issued by the Tax Office will be published online, no phisical post will be received;
  • We can obtain the factsheet online;
  • Preparing and submitting the paperwork for obtaining a Fiscal Certificate from the appropriate financial administration;
  • Obtaining banks statements from the treasury;
  • Payments from the treasury account.

  • Preparation of the Environmental Statement regarding the placing on the market of the packaging based on the situations received from the clients;
  • Submitting online the Statement prepared based on the Power of Attorney;
  • Drawing up the payment order for the annual amount due.

  • Drafting of the Statement of the cash register (the A4200 Statement in the event of the issue of receipts from the cash register and of the F4109 Statement on unused fiscal electronic appliances if it was not used) based on the files generated by each Cash Register;
  • Online submitting of the Statement of the Cash Register.

  • Direct VAT registration assistance:
    • Preparing the list of documents/information needed;
    • Preparing the VAT registration applications;
    • Submitting the VAT registration applications;
    • Following-up with the tax authorities.
  • VAT registration assistance with appointment of a fiscal representative:
    • Preparing the list of documents/information needed;
    • Preparing the VAT registration applications;
    • Submitting the VAT registration applications
    • Following-up with the tax authorities.
  • VAT compliance services;
  • E-filing set-up;
  • Other compliance and related services for VAT matters upon request and agreement between the Client and ourselves;
  • Preparing the Power of Attorney ("POA") for setting up the e-filing procedure and for representing the company in front of the Tax Authorities;
  • Preparing the VAT de-registration applications.

Assistance in the relationship with the Pension House for the A1 form:
  • Advice in preparing the documentation/ Consulting services in regards to eligibility criteria;
  • Preparing A1 form file;
  • Representing the company in relation to the Pension House
  • Picking up A1 form issued.


Office: 43 Nicolae Grigorescu Boulevard, block D1, 10th floor, suite 41, Postal Code 030443, Bucharest 3, Romania
Phone/Fax: +40 21 348 42 20
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Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

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